Divine Intervention Life Coaching
                 Step Into Your Light!

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                                                    We Educate, Advocate & Motivate

                                        THE MISSION 

To Assist individuals in finding their Mission in life.  To help bring forward the natural talents that everyone has within.  To Motivate, Support and Assist other’s to define and obtain their goals. To break barriers of the past and emerge into the future.

The mission is to help people to help themselves and find their light within while emerging into the “Authentic Self!"

                                                                  We Are A Global Motivating Support System      

  Life Coaching Is a process of The Client and the Coach working closely together  to help define  the needs of The client to Encourage , Motivate , Assist , set goals and overcome any issue or obstacles that may keep a person from accomplishing tasks and progressing in their life.  There are weekly sessions, Coaching exercises and assignments that focus solely on you as an individual and what you want to accomplish in your life. You will learn……. How to Define Your Life  ,Life Skills & Task Management,  Positive Self Talk (Mental Programs ) Goal Setting Strategies and much more!

                                                                    Our Products & Services            

      Specializing in Life Coaching, Social Media Marketing ,Domestic Violence Advocacy, Court Approved Anger Management / Yoga For             Mental Health,  Career Coaching ,Transitions Coaching .